• Four Major Advantages

    Global level quality

    Use global high-end manufacturing devices, advanced processing technologies, and careful selection of feedstock to ensure global level quality;

    Strong technology

    Co-working with domestic and international colleges, with independent research and development, combining strong technical support, we forged the leading brand of engineering plastics;

    R & D Innovation

    With standardized management and strict quality control system, we can customize high-end plastics blends based on requests;

    Professional service
    With service network nationwide, we can promise quick response and after-sale service, to provide our customers with efficient and accurate service;

    Gold Customers


    About Us


    FuJian HuaSu Innovative Plastics Materials Co., Ltd

    Fujian HuaSu was established at the year of 2011, focused on development and production of high performance engineering plastics. The products were widely used in the segments of Lighting, sanitary, electrical, and electronics, etc. The designed capacity of the plant is 100KMTs, and first 50KMTs already went into operation. Our product portfolio was including traditional and advanced modified engineering plastics, and our business perspective was to be the domestic expert of plastic applications.
    On the basis of company’s excellent platform, strong technology, strict quality control system and timely customer service, HuaSu was continuously meeting and beyond customer’s requests, and finally becoming their first choice.
    We had built the marketing net-work covering Southeast China, East China, North China and Central China. Xiamen was set as the marketing center, with branches at Dongguan, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Wuhan, and InnerMongolia, etc. We took “peopleorientation, commitment of excellence,realistic and innovative spirit, and community service” as our philosophy, continuously deepening cooperation with customers.



    Add.:Industrial Concentration Area,Yanxi,Changtai,Fujian Province. Tel.:0596-8188333  Fax.:0596-8366699  Post Code:363902

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